BRIX Platform


Since 1999, PVMSys offers Product Verification & Validation Management (PVM) solutions using BRIX integration platform for complete enterprise. BRIX is flexible and scalable integration platform which can be used by individual engineer to manage his day to day data, or at lab level or even for every validation function or domain level across enterprise. BRIX is designed to work even for multi-location development centers globally. BRIX also provides foundation for Model Based System Engineering (MBSE) by maintaining complete validation life cycle (VLC)

Brix Distributed ODS

BRIX Distributed ODS is a platform which manages test data across big data cluster in a distributed environment.

Brix PVM (Enterprise Solution):

Brix PVM is a product verification and validation management (PVM) platform to manage complete validation life cycle (VLC) for each function in every domain.

Brix Lab (Lab level solution)

Brix Lab is a Facility planning and scheduling system combined with lab level data management solutions.

Brix Engineer

Brix Engineer is a standalone data management tool which an engineer/researcher can use to manage his day to day data.

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